Monday, September 22, 2008

Off to College

We dropped our son off at college yesterday. It wasn't as heartwrenching this time as it was when my daughter left for school two years ago, in part, because we had been through it before and also because he is only 30 miles away. We already plan to see him in two weeks when my mom celebrates her birthday.

It's an interesting experience, seeing your child off to college. As you help him move into his dorm, you want to help him make his bed and get unpacked, setting everything up for his success. You make sure he has everything he could possibly need, and then you say goodbye. If he is far away from home, it may be quite a while before you see him again. Even if he is close to home, something is different now. Your relationship has changed, and when he does come home to visit, it will be as an adult.

It's a time of adjustment, a time of shifting roles, and it has only just begun. Luckily, it is also a time of celebration, knowing that you have done your job in preparing your child for the bigger world out there. He will face challenges; he will have many successes and also some failures. That is inevitable, but you have equipped him with the necessary tools he will need to meet life head on.


terri.forehand said...

Another great post hitting the emotional side of letting go of our children right on. All parents go through the same feelings of letting go and praying we have done a good enough job to have equiped our children to handle life.



My son was home for the weekend, having finished summer school and about to start his last term! It was great to see him, but amazing to see how well he manages his personal biz/roommates, bils, time...although he has a way to go. He's also become this delightful, appreciative, generous young man. I get the house really clean before he comes home, something, he notes I never did when he lived here!

Nice post.

Judy said...

Hi Theresa,

It does get a bit easier, but I know there are still the worries there because you are a parent.

He will be fine - you have taught him the lessons in life to make it work.