Monday, September 22, 2008

Kids Should Make Sacrifices Too

This has been called the age of the self-sacrificing parent. Supposedly we have given up everything for our children and we now plan our lives around them entirely. Gone are the days of sending the kids out the door to play, only to see them again at dinnertime.

It's true that today's kids are busier than ever before. After school activities abound, coupled with the inevitable doctor's appointments and music, dance and or karate lessons. Add in a sport or two and you are busy every single day of the year.

When we do so much for our kids, we can fall into the trap of doing everything for them; before you kow it, the kids rule the roost. They decide what program gets watched, what music gets played and where dinner is eaten. It's easier to give in than to fight over every little thing, but what does that teach the kids - that whining wins the day?

It's good for children to make sacrifices too. Let them listen to your music for a change. You decide what program to watch and invite them to join you. (Here's where having only one TV in our house was a real gift. It taught the kids how to share and how to respect each other's rights and ours too.) Ask them to work on the crossword with you, instead of playing their video games. It's a two-way street. Learning to compromise and learning that they will not always get their way will serve them much better in life than always getting what they want.


Judy said...

Hi Theresa,

Amen - it has to be a two way street. If not, everyone is unhappy and kids don't learn that valuable lesson about the needs and wants of others.

Excellent post.

Carma's Window said...

He Theresa,
I made the mistake of getting my kids a TV for their room. Thinking if I kept them busy they would be out of my hair. Ha. It was obvious I did not have my priorities straight. Hindsight is the best. Well, everything turned out all right but I could have probably saved some stress if I had taught this lesson to them earlier.

Great post.