Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Busy Summer

Like many of you I'm sure, mine was a very busy summer. All three kids were home for awhile, and we spent a lot of time together, but their schedules were so different that we never managed a family vacation. It gets harder with every passing year. Thank goodness for the holidays.

We did manage a trip to King's Canyon and Sequoia National Parks with our youngest son and his friend. We were treated to sights of gigantic trees, cascading waterfalls and rushing rapids. We encountered no end of wildlife, including: quail, roadrunners, deer and (due to the strict usage of bear lockers at the campground) the skinniest squirrels I've ever seen. Oddly enough, we heard more French, German and Italian spoken at the touristy places than we did English.

We closed out the summer with a milestone. My husband Bruce and I celebrated 25 years of marriage on September 8th. It was a chance to look back and marvel at the wonderful life we've had together, including the many blessings we've shared.

Here's wishing you had a healthy and fulfilling summer and that autumn will be even better!