Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exercise While You Watch TV

Okay, no time for exercise today? But you found time to watch TV? Here are a number of things you can do while watching your favorite show.

Exercises to do sitting down.

- Head and neck stretches (Slowly move your head forward and back, left and right.)

- Shoulder shrugs (Move shoulders up, hold, release, repeat.)

- Arm stretches - (Get creative here - up, forward, to the sides, behind you...)

Exercises to do standing up

- Leg work (Lean against a wall; slide down until you can feel the burn and hold.)

- Calf exercises (Stand on your tip toes and hold. Release and come back onto your heels while leaning forward slightly. Feel that stretch.)

- Strength-building maneuvers - (Using a chair for support, try a number of balancing poses.)

Floor exercises

- Crunches (Move slowly and carefully and hold each crunch for a few moments.)

- Leg lifts (There are several varieties of leg lifts. Try them all.)

- Push ups or planks (These are great to build your core strength.)_

Do you have more energy now? Did you still get to see your TV show? Try this at least three times a week and in no time you will feel stronger and firmer and less guilty about watching TV!


joann said...

Good idea! I do excercise
every morning but not enough.

Judy said...

Hi Theresa,

I ride my bike and walk on the treadmill while watching TV. It breaks the monotony of the routine for me and then I don't feel so guilty about watching TV.

Good tip.