Monday, April 13, 2009

I was visiting the blogs of some of my fellow writers today when I happened on a post by Terri Forehand ( about a book titled A Talent for Quiet.

It made me think about what I loved most about growing up. Some of my best memories are of times when we didn't have to be anywhere or rush to do something. Those long, lazy days of summer when I could just settle down with a good book or sit outside and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass or feel the warmth of the sun on my face. We need to learn how to do that again.

We rush around so much these days, taking the kids to ballet or baseball, to clarinet lessons or soccer practice. There is so little time left just to relax and enjoy this beautiful planet, to watch a sunrise or see the sunset, to observe a colony of ants hard at work or to follow a butterfly as it flits around the garden.

We need to turn off the TV and get out of the house, stop playing the computer games and go for a bike ride. Life is too short to spend it sitting in front of a screen, asking someone else to entertain us.


terri.forehand said...

Your blog offers such good advice for parents raising kids today. Thanks for mentioning my blog as well. As writers and as parents we know what stress can do. Whether you are dealing with a health crisis or another of lifes ups and downs, stress plays a part in our overall look at life. Great posts for your readers.

Carma's Window said...

Hey Theresa,
I agree totally. Great inspiration.