Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Moving Forward - Things are Different Now

We had a special treat this weekend. Both kids were home from college to help my mom celebrate her 83rd birthday. It seemed like old times with the entire family together, but it was different. Brian could only stay one night; he had to be back on Sat. to work on a group project with some friends. Katie wanted to earn some money babysitting and she needed to get together with a high school buddy. Eric, as usual, was busy with his friends, and spent a big chunk of the weekend playing football.

And so, the times have changed. Once your kids grow up and leave home, the dynamics are never quite the same again. They have their own lives and their own set of priorities, just as we did when we were that age. We can either feel sad and mourn the loss of that family togetherness, or we can recognize how very lucky we were to have had those times together and look forward to the future visits we will have. Me? I'm going to do the latter.


Carma's Window said...

I think looking forward to future visits and starting new traditions is a wonderful thing.


Dorit Sasson said...

Hi, Theresa,

I often wonder how my parents feel now that we're both on the other side of Atlantic Ocean. These long-distance situations make empty nesters feel extra lonely. Now here's something I could like to read about - how to strengthen the ties of communication and still feel the love and find a connection despite the great huge distances.

Sounds like a topic?
Thanks for getting me thinking!

Keep up the good work - you're doing great.

Totally rooting for you.

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